Cynthia "Cookie" Viloria
Simple Thoughts - Simple Pleasures: Color Your World With Words

Cynthia “Cookie” Viloria

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Simple Thoughts - Simple Pleasures: Color Your World With Words

Cynthia “Cookie” Viloria

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We find ourselves so busy that we don't take the time to enjoy  simple pleasures.  
Listening to the birds in the morning hours, taking a walk on the beach or even watching
a lovely sunset.  When was the last time you did any of these things?  This book focuses
on some of these little things that brings us much pleasure, yet we take them for granted.
 It paints a picture in your mind or offers you an escape to mentally be transferred to
other more peaceful surroundings.  Allow yourself to be transported to a lake watching
still blue water or maybe a nice Fall day where the leaves are blowing from trees.  Or
maybe just sit back and watch children at play and really listen to their laughter.  You
see, these are simple things, yet they can also be priceless and so healthy for your
mental, emotional, and physical well-being.  I hope you will take a moment and escape
with me.  Enjoy.
She was raised in a farming town around nature, which sparked her interest in the world
of nature.  From a very early age, she has enjoyed conversing with people and seeing
things through their eyes.  She is a strong supporter for all things created, large and small.
 Seldomly will you see her without a camera and a notebook.  She is always ready to
write something or to snap a picture of something of beauty.  She worked with people of
all walks of life which adds to her diversity.  It has always been important to her to help
people feel good about themselves and what they want to accomplish.  She loves
traveling and has been privileged to visit several other countries.  The things she write
about are from her storehouse of memories gold.  Writing poetry has been her love for
over 25 years now.  She paints stories with the use of words.  She wishes you joy in
reading of Simple Thoughts - Simple Pleasures.
Who Am I - I Am Woman - I Am Me

I am a woman complicated, yet simple.
I love deep conversations about life and love
I love walks on the beach or through a park to commune with nature.
I love watching heavenly bodies and meditating on the love our Creator has for us.

I am a woman shy, yet firm and bold.
I am quiet and shy when it comes to matters of the heart.
I feel very strong about matters of my God.
I feel courageous when my friends and family are in distress.

I am a woman so full of love to give, yet guarding my heart from unnecessary pain.
I enjoy the choice of being in love.
I enjoy giving of myself to my special someone.
I don't enjoy opening my heart up to hurt.

I am a woman creative and adventurous yet within reason.
Trying new things broadens my horizons.
Traveling to places far away expands my knowledge I have for learning a little about a lot
of different things.
Reaching out to others of national groups widens my love for my brothers.

I am a woman submissive and humble, yet stern and strong.
I am submissive to my husband taking the lead.
I am submissive to the headship of my mate.
I am strong and will not waver if it's against my conscience.

I am a woman reserved, yet also outgoing.
I do not love to be the center of attention.
I love sitting back and watching people.
I make it my business to converse with others.

I am a woman soft and gentle, yet able to say NO when it is against my will.
Being touched by someone I love is pleasurable.
To caress the face or brows of a baby is enchanting.
A tender kiss, glance from afar, just melts my heart.

Who am I? I am Woman. I am Me.
I am a conglomerate yet I am an individualist.
I am a compilation of good gifts from our Heavenly Father.
I am an anthology of years of many experiences.
I am a tower of strength, with God's power upon me.